About Us

About Us


Founded in 2000 in Quebec City, Soylutions is active in the manufacture and distribution of cereal and soy based beverages. In 2003, the company acquires the Yü and Earth Shake brands and quickly develops a distribution networks throughout Canada and the USA. Having also developed a nice niche as a beverages co-packer, the company decides to sell it’s brands in 2008 to concentrate solely on manufacturing and co-packing a wide range of healthy and natural beverages for North America clients.

The current expertise the company acquired over the years makes Soylutions your best partner when developing new beverages with efficient production yields and unique market caracteristics.

What We Do

Being a leader in it’s field of expertise, Soylutions is recognised for it’s advanced thinking when developing unique products using different ingredients to their customers. Ingredients are carefully selected for their qualities and adherence to natural and high standards of the market.

Soylutions is the only Canadian health beverages manufacturer controlling it’s entire integration from the purchase of grains and ingredients all the way to the final packaged product. The traceability of the ingredients is reaching perfection and we guaranty the freshness of the products.

The research and development team is working in very close collaboration with our current and soon to be customers in order to develop beverages perfectly matching the target. Soylutions is only using first quality ingredients purchased all over the world so that the highest standards are reached. Our manufacturing and packaging team is always supplying high quality end products using our state of the art manufacturing and packaging equipments.